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Learn How You can make 300k Monthly Selling other people’s products Online using just your smartphone With Fast results.

Copy and paste method to use even if you know nothing about the Internet.



What's Expertnaire All About?

In case you still need more understanding on how and what Expertnaire Affiliate marketing is all about, let me give you this practical illustration on how the Expertnaire Affiliate marketing system works:

I have a friend who wants to learn how to design websites but have no knowledge on how to do that.

As an affiliate marketer on Expertnaire, and I know we sell this training on How to be become a Professional web designer. I’ll have to login to my Expertnaire dashboard and copy the link to this Web design product and share with my friend.

This product sells at 40k on Expertnaire and has an affiliate commission of 50%. So this means if my friend buys this with 40k, I’ll make 20,000 instantly because he purchased the product using my affiliate link. 20k is the 50% of 40k been the normal price of the Web design product.

Now, I’m an affiliate marketer and the system through which I earned that 20k is called Affiliate marketing.

Expertnaire Frequently Asked Questions:

What Am I Getting From This Expertnaire Course?
  • The original 721G training course — Value #62,500
  • I year affiliate account on Expertnaire — Value #I0,000
  • Webpage Builder & Pre-designed Templates — FREE 
  • Access to the FB 721G Support Group — FREE
  • 50% Commission on the 72IG Implementation Program 

Q. How Much Is Expertnaire 72IG Course? At the moment, the course is N62,500 (I will update price from time to time)

Q. How Long Before I Can Access The Expertnaire Course? Just seconds after you complete your order, you’ll get access to the training modules. You can dive right in and start implementing the proven techniques starting today!

Q. By What Processes/Methods Can I Market Successfully? Any legal methods! You’re not put in a box as to how you can market your products. You would be taught on numerous ways to make it work and you can use any/all of those methods.

Q. I Have a Day Job, Would I Be Able To Balance Both? A lot of affiliate marketers with Expertnaire do a lot of other businesses. If you make use of the trainings properly, you would be able to make money from affiliate marketing even when you’re sleeping. (More on that in the class).

Q. Is There Any Form of Warranty On The Class? Yes. If you successfully do all that is taught in the class and use the resources and it doesn’t work for you after 3 months, you can ask for a refund and it will be given.

Q. Is There Need For Referrals? No, Expertnaire doesn’t function in any form of referral, so you get to make your own money without any external party being involved.

Q. How Does Payment Work? Payments on commissions made during the week are given every Friday, so Friday is payday.

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How It Simply Works...

  1. Select a product of choice from your dashboard.
  2. And by implementing the training I got from the 72IG Course, I will recommend this product to people who need it.
  3. If this person buys it, I get paid N25,000 (assuming that’s my commission)
  4. So if I want to make N250,000 per month, I have to sell 10 of this product.
  5. To make 500k a month, I’ve to sell just 20.
  6. And remember these products no dey finish.
  7. So I can just keep selling and keep earning.

Naw Why This Course On Affiliate Marketing?

The major way an affiliate marketer makes money is when he/she records a sale.

So, in a case you don’t have any idea at all on how to reach people who gonna buy, how will a sale be made?

At this point, one may start saying the business isn’t working because no sale is coming.

This particular barrier is what we’re solving with the 72IG Course on Expertnaire Affiliate marketing program.

We don’t just allow you become an affiliate, we’re interested in seeing you succeed hence why a training is provided for you.

With this training, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE for you not to record a sale. Even in your first week of implementation.

I’ve gone through it. So I know what I’m talking about.

What You're Getting From The Course:

Within the next 3mins, you will get tired of seeing and hearing testimonies by hundreds of people who have started this training. Don’t be like the man below.


You will Learn how to become a professional affiliate marketer & HOW TO MAKE YOUR FIRST SALES

What This Is Not:

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